Terms of Service


We consider your registration data and the content of all of your messages to be private. The header of the messages that you send will contain your name (e-mail address) and Internet Protocol (IP) address. We will not intentionally monitor or disclose any of your e-mail messages or registration data unless we are required to do so:
– to enforce these Terms and Conditions,
– by law,
– to defend us in any legal action,
– to protect our property.

Additionally, you agree to respect the privacy and confidentiality of others. Since your password is essential for protecting your privacy, we encourage you not to share it with anyone and change it frequently.


Resellers Lonex collects information during the registration process. The personally identifiable information that Resellers Lonex collects includes first and last name. Resellers Lonex also collects non-personally identifiable information such as country, age, gender, etc. You may update your Registration Information at any time from the members’ area.

We may disclose aggregate registration statistics in connection with our marketing activities.


Your registration information is needed to operate the site, to provide support for your account, for statistical purposes, etc. Resellers Lonex will not send you any unsolicited information, including e-mail, except as mentioned below. New Customers will receive a Resellers Lonex welcome letter explaining the features provided by the service. Resellers Lonex may also send periodic member letters to announce important service changes, new features, technical issue updates and news about the Service. Resellers Lonex keeps your personally identifiable information private and does not share it with any unauthorized third parties.

The service that is subject to the following agreement is provided by Resellers Lonex in association with Liquidnet LLC, registered in the United States. Resellers Lonex and Liquidnet LLC. will be referred to as Resellers Lonex for the sake of brevity in this document.

You should be aware that by signing up for an account with Resellers Lonex, you agree to position data on our servers, thus making it accessible to the wide public. In this sense, you accept that it is beyond the power of Resellers Lonex to restrict such access and guarantee the security of your files. You are completely in charge of protecting your data on Resellers Lonex servers, which suggests that you would better consider carefully any piece of information before uploading it to your newly allocated Resellers Lonex server space. It is recommendable to avoid publishing personal data that could be abused online.

The order form completion represents the electronic signing of this document.

You should abide by the Domain Name Registration Agreement, which is an indivisible part of this document.


Resellers Lonex shall provide its Services to You (the Customer) under the Terms and conditions of this Customer Agreement. The Agreement is intended to keep the integrity of both Resellers Lonex and the Customer and to protect both parties from liability. This Service Agreement will be enforced to ensure the speed, power, performance, and reliability of our services. Along with the Order Form and any other documents or agreements explicitly specified in this Agreement, the Customer Agreement constitutes the whole act of convention between Resellers Lonex and the Customer, thus being the most significant document of the newly-established relationship. In case that a court of competent jurisdiction considers that any of the Agreement’s provisions is invalid, unenforceable, or void, the remaining ones will completely reserve their validity. Customer’s side of the Agreement could be presented by the following parties: an individual with personal demands, being over 18 years of age; a legal entity such as a corporation, a limited liability company etc. that is consistent with state’s law system. If a person represents the Customer for some reason, he/she should be legally authorized to act in his/her name, thus accepting, executing and delivering the Agreement. You understand and agree that the Service is provided “AS-IS” and that Resellers Lonex assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, and failure to deliver or store any Customer communication or personalization settings.


A web hosting service is a type of Internet service that offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to host their own websites, and to store information, images, video, or other content accessible via the World Wide Web. A Storage Service Provider (SSP) is a company that provides computer storage space and related management services. SSPs also offer periodic backup and archiving. Resellers Lonex offers only web hosting services, not data storage services. A web hosting service consists of the following:


These programs, named cron jobs, can be continuously run by Resellers Lonex in the background. Their provision suggests additional fee in accordance with system resources used and operational maintenance involved, if needed. Generally, Resellers Lonex avoids placing complementary charges upon customers, providing the CronTab service that is integrated in the hosting Control Panel. Optional Resellers Lonex Services: These services, including but not limited to: Site Studio, Mailing Lists and other services offered are provided WITHOUT WARRANTY and WITH NO GUARANTEE OF RESULTS. Resellers Lonex ADDITIONAL SERVICES OR FEATURES AND VALUE-ADDED SERVICES OR FEATURES ARE OFFERED ON “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” BASIS. Resellers Lonex REJECTS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES. ANY OF Resellers Lonex‘ EMPLOYEES, MANAGEMENT OR AFFILIATES MAY NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE OR THUS LIABLE FOR ANY POSSIBLE DAMAGES PROVOKING USE OR MISUSE OF ANY INFORMATION, CONTENT OR SERVICES PROVIDED BY Resellers Lonex, INCLUDING DIRECT OR INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, AND INCIDENTAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM ANY FAILURE TO PROVIDE SERVICES, SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION OF SERVICES.


Resellers Lonex will guarantee 99.9% Resellers Lonex network uptime and 99.9% network stability uptime. This, however, does not refer to problems stemming from:

A data backup is available on a daily basis. All the contents of a client’s /www/ folder will be added to the backup, as well as all the databases that belong to the Customer. The maximum space provided to a client for his backup is 5 GB of disk storage.



Resellers Lonex offers a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our hosting service, you can submit your refund request in a trouble ticket from the web hosting control panel or send an e-mail to support [@] Resellers Lonex.com and receive a full refund for your hosting plan within 60 days after you purchased the account. However, all domain registrations are final, do not include any money back guarantee and will be subject to a $9.95 USD per year per domain registration fee. You will be required to make a deposit of $9.95 USD for the domain fee before receiving the refund for the hosting account. PAYMENT, CHARGEBACKS AND RETURNED CHECKS


Resellers Lonex provides hosting services on an “as is” and “as available” basis without warranties or representations for its offering. The company bears no responsibility for connection problems, in cases when customers’ hosting with Resellers Lonex confronts with service interruption issues.


Resellers Lonex has a promotion and gives FREE domain names only to new customers of web hosting accounts. However, when the money back guarantee option is used the domain names must be paid – $9.95 USD per year per domain name. Domain name owners will receive an account username and password to manage their domain names and they will be able to transfer the domain name(s) at will.


As a condition of your use of the Resellers Lonex Services, you will not use the Resellers Lonex Services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms, conditions, and notices. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any Resellers Lonex Services, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any Resellers Lonex Services, through hacking, password mining or any other means. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means not intentionally made available through the Resellers Lonex Services. Resellers Lonex reserves the right at all times to disclose any information as Resellers Lonex deems necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, or to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, in the sole discretion of Resellers Lonex. Resellers Lonex is within the capacity to refuse service to unlawful parties. Resellers Lonex servers can be used explicitly for legal purposes only and each attempt for taking indecent advantage of the servers inconsistent with the rules will be immediately rejected. In this light, Resellers Lonex expressly forbids any breach of Federal, State or Local regulation, including, but is not limited to the transmission of: copyrighted material, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene and material protected by trade secrets. Resellers Lonex management will thoroughly scrutinize any of the received orders and decide to their own discretion which of them do not comply with the officially stated requirements for use of the company’s servers. Resellers Lonex servers CANNOT be used for the propagation, distribution, housing, processing, storing, or handling in any way of lewd, obscene, adult OR pornographic material, or any other material which is considered impermissible by the company including, but not limited to – pornography, adult materials, satanic materials, and any other materials of an adult nature.


Any dealings with third parties (including advertisers) included within the Resellers Lonex Services or participation in promotions, including the delivery of and the payment for goods and services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings or promotions, are solely between you and the advertiser or other third party. Resellers Lonex shall not be responsible or liable for any part of any such dealings or promotions.


You agree that Resellers Lonex, in its sole discretion, may terminate your password, account (or any part thereof) or use of the Service, and remove and discard any Content within the Service if you violate these terms.


Resellers Lonex reserves the right to reject its service and terminate this agreement for a certain period of time or indefinitely upon customers’ failure to pay. The customer then is considered a debtor to Resellers Lonex and liable for reasonable interest and collection fees.


You are solely responsible for the content of your messages. Using the Resellers Lonex Service in connection with surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk e-mail, spamming or any duplicative or unsolicited messages (commercial or otherwise) is prohibited. In consideration of your use of the Service, you agree to:

  1. immediately notify Resellers Lonex about any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of security.
  2. ensure that you exit from your account at the end of each session.

Resellers Lonex cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this.

Acceptable Use of Services / Acceptable Access to Services

Resellers Lonex will immediately and resolutely react to any attempt of use of an Internet account or computer by a Resellers Lonex customer unauthorized by the account or computer owner. Such attempts include “Internet scamming” (tricking other people into releasing their passwords and etc.), password robbery, security hole scanning etc. It DOES NOT matter whether the attacked account or computer belongs or not to Resellers Lonex Services, the fraud will be subject to actions based on the very nature of the attack which could be a warning, an account suspension or cancellation and civil or criminal legal action.

infringe on any third party’s intellectual property or proprietary rights, or rights of publicity or privacy

violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation

are defamatory, trade libelous, threatening, unlawfully harassing, abusive, pornographic or obscene

contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of another’s computer or property of another

contain or run proxy – proxy lists and any kind of proxy scripts (including, but not limited to php proxy and nph proxy)

concern in any way torrent trackers, clients or applications – Torrent trackers, clients or applications are not allowed to be hosted on our servers

have IRC bots – IRC bots are absolutely forbidden on our servers

contain Pirated or Hacking / Phreaking Software (Warez) – Any software that is copyrighted and not freely available for distribution without cost. ROMs, ROM Emulators and Mpeg Layer 3 files (MP3) all fall under this jurisdiction

have Adult Sites (content) – Any erotic or pornographic material, links to adult sites, or advertisements of adult sites.


The hosting service is active for one year (365 days). After that period of time, the account will be automatically suspended until the Customer renews it by paying the anual subscription. In case the Customer does not renew his hosting account, it will remain BLOCKED. The account’s data will be kept for two months, after that it will be permamently deleted.

The redemption period is a registry level period of up to 30 days that occurs when a domain name is deleted after it expires without being renewed. Instead of just being deleted and returned to the pool of domain names available for registration, the registry holds the name in a REDEMPTION PERIOD. During this 30-day period, the original domain registrant may retrieve the domain name from deletion for an additional fee by contacting the registrar.

This extra 30-day period extends the time available to renew expired domain names. However, all names that enter the redemption period are removed from the zone files (the list of domains currently in the global DNS); therefore, any web site or e-mail services associated with the domain name will stop working.

After the 30-day redemption period there is a 5-day pending delete phase. When a domain is in this phase no one can retrieve the domain and it cannot be registered. After the 5-day pending delete phase the registry will release the domain name back into the public pool of available domain names.

We strongly recommend that you renew your domain registration before the domain name is placed in redemption. If your domain name is placed into redemption, we cannot prevent the zone files being removed from the DNS and your web site and any associated services will cease to work.

We can assist in retrieveing your domain only if your domain was registered with us. If your domain was registered with another registrar, you must contact that registrar for information regarding retrieving your domain name. You will be charged with a REDEMPTION FEE of $190.00 USD for the domain registration renewal.


          – infringe or abuse any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or any other proprietary right of a third party

          – break any criminal laws or manifest false advertising, unfair competition, vilification, privacy intrusion; violate a right of publicity or violate any other law or regulation. Each Customer empowers Resellers Lonex to reproduce, copy, use and propagate all and any part of the Customer Content for ensuring and operating the Services. Resellers Lonex is granted the right to assess the extent these operations need to be done.


Any case of indecent treatment towards a Resellers Lonex employee will be considered inappropriate. Each Customer is anticipated to conduct a professionally mannered communication with Resellers Lonex employees regarding any requests for help through e-mail or by means of the Ticket Desk Support System. Each Customer should avoid applying any forms of written emotional outburst or cursing. Any attempts of deliberately undermining behavior will be interpreted as a breach of this TOS. Other acts of treatment towards Resellers Lonex employees that will be considered as unacceptable include any verbal, oral, written or delivered by a second party threats addressing Resellers Lonex or any of its employees, partners, equipment, and concerns. Any forms of such threats will be interpreted as a breach of this TOS. Resellers Lonex keeps the right to assess which behaviour will be treated as a breach of this TOS and to give no refunds to the users whose accounts have been suspended for violating the aforementioned rules.


We will determine in our sole discretion whether any of the messages you send are spam. For your information, spamming generally includes, but is not limited to:


Forward Looking Statements: these refer to any predications within this website that are not based on objective facts and express expectations with regard to forthcoming events. Such statements cannot be treated as reality-based because it is possible that they happen to deviate from actual circumstances. Forward Looking Statements can be recognized by the availability of indicative words such as “believes”, anticipates,” “plans,” “may,” “hopes,” “can,” “will,” “expects,” “is designed to,” “with the intent,” “potential”. However, their availability is not a compulsory requirement for a forward-looking statement to be treated as such.


Resellers Lonex will be in an off-liability position as regards the failure or delay in doing its professional duties in consequence of circumstances beyond its control. Such circumstances could be provoked by acts of any governmental body, war, rebellion, sabotage, embargo, fire, flood, strike or other labor disturbance, interruption of or delay in transportation, unavailability of, interruption or delay in telecommunications or third party services (including DNS propagation), failure of third party software or hardware or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies or power used in or equipment needed for provisioning of the Services. This agreement constitutes the whole act of convention between the parties with regard to the agreement signed between them. It is not subject to any amendments, modifications, or any other alterations with the exception of changes introduced through a written instrument that is signed by the party to be charged.


Copyrighted material must not be placed on Customers’ accounts without the permission of the copyright owners or people that are specifically authorized by the copyright owners. Only copyright owners or people specifically authorized by them may upload copyrighted material to the account. Upon our receipt of a notice of a claimed copyright infringement containing the above information, after confirmation we will promptly remove the allegedly infringing material from the Services and carry out further procedures if necessary. We will assume no liability to any Customer of the Services for the removal of any such material.

Please report any violations of the Terms of Service and the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy to support [@] Resellers Lonex.com .


Customer shall not have the right to assign this Agreement without the written permission of Resellers Lonex. This Agreement shall be in force and effect to the total benefit of Customer and Resellers Lonex and their successors and permitted assigns.

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